A few years ago I got the idea to find out more about my family-name and about the people who are also wearing this name.

In 1992 I got (many other Sachtleben´s supposedly too) an advertise letter of the Halbert´s Family Heritage Inc., Ohio, USA, with the offer to acquire a book about the Sachtleben´s. I ordered this book and even it wasn´t exactly what I thought, I preserved it. For a long time it escaped out of my memory, but since the birth of my son Patrick I extensively try to find out more.

The use of a computers and the help of the Internet hopefully enable me to make contacts to other Sachtleben´s and to make advances of my investigation accessible to like-minded persons. References and informations about the Sachtleben name and hints for this homepage are welcome at all time and gratefully accepted.



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