Leather Works

Since my school days I was very interested in history and about 15 years ago I got in contact with the “medieval scene” during a more accidental visit of a medievel market with my son.

After a short time I had the wish to craft things by my own and so I discovered the leather work for me. First I made various bags, belts, cases etc. only for my family members and than for some friends and acquaintances.

It was autumn 2007 when I made a course for making leather shoes in the museum of armoury in Vechta. I got to know some nice people there and in the periods following I made several other courses there.


Barbaramarkt 2015

I am as a steady guest with my leather works on the castlemen days “Burgmannentage” in the camp of the former “Zeughausbogner” (armoury bowmen) since 2008 and from the outset at the “Barbara market” (an early middle ages winter market).

I conducted a course in the museum Vechta for the first time in november 2015.
I don´t have to pay my bills with my leather works, so the joy to work with the material leather and the transmitting of knowledge / skills and the satisfaction of my course participants / customers are in the foreground.

The course sure is called “bags and belts” – but it is also possible to make other things like cases, quivers or bracers, after a previous consultation.

here you can see some of my leather works

here are some pictures of the works of my course participants

… whereupon I try to work

how I work


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