Welcome …

… to my Sachtleben-Family-Site.

Some parts are still under construction – but I work on it – sometimes 😉
My provider made some importend changes / updates, so my old pages did not work properly and so I have to configure eveything new.


On my old pages I had a plug-in (phpGedView) for the integration of my pedigree. Due to the changes on the server of my provider and the fact that the developers of the project ceased the support, the pedigree in my old pages did not work anymore. So I had to look around for something new.

Since a couple of years I use the program “Family Tree Maker” to gather and store personal data on my computer and since last year also the program “MyHeritage Family Tree Builder“. Last-mentioned offers the option to publish and groom these data. This service isn´t free of charge (for me), but only enrollees can see and work on these data, just like in the old “phpGedView” version, depending on their assigned rights.
It´s infeasible for me at the moment to embed this in my homepage, that means that it will always open a new window in your browser.

Please send me a mail, if you are seriously interested, therewith I can register you as a new user and than I will send you the access data.